A Welcome and a Thank you to our Town Council!

At the Village of Virden Town Meeting, on March 13, 2018, we had the pleasure of welcoming two new council members, Shannon Kempton and Jacob Bigler! Congratulations are also due to our Mayor Rulene Jensen who was re-elected for another term.

Left to Right - Buddy Jensen, Shannon Kempton, Mayor Rulene Jensen, Janet Richardson and Jacob Bigler

The Village of Virden would also like to thank our retiring Town Council Members, Kent Clouse and Carl Crotts for their years of service to the Village! You are both greatly appreciated by all and will be missed at Town Council meetings!

Left to Right - Buddy Jensen, Kent Clouse, Rulene Jensen, Janet Richardson and Carl Crotts

Meeting minutes from last night's meeting will be available at the Village Office next week for anyone interested. We would also like to extend a public invitation to anyone interested in assisting with our Village of Virden Emergency Planning Committee. Please contact Rob Robbins.