Village of Virden Town Council

The Village of Virden Town Council is made up of 5 members elected by the Village of Virden constituency. The board members are all residents of the Village of Virden. Their main purpose is to conduct the business for the Village of Virden as a whole, pursue avenues of funding for village projects for the betterment of the community, as well as the allocation of that funding and stay attuned to the needs of the community and its members.

The Town Council Meeting for the Village of Virden is held on the Second Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM (AZ Time). This Meeting is open to the Public. Anyone wishing to attend is welcome! 

Meeting is held:
Virden Community Center
110 Richmond Avenue
Virden, New Mexico

Left to Right - Buddy Jensen, Shannon Kempton, Mayor Rulene Jensen, Janet Richardson, Jacob Bigler

Mayor - Rulene Jensen
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Council Member - Shannon Kempton
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Council Member - Jacob Bigler
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Council Member - Jimmie Hughes

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Council Member - Buddy Jensen
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